short film script by knightgregory

still building digital assets for a
short film i’m working on.

1/3rd of the background plates
have been shot already and i was
trying to figure out the rest of the story when all of a sudden it
clicked and everything fell into

that resulted in a second short
story, a prequel to the first.

wrote it down as an exercise 🙂

read it here.

© by knightgregory 2014


alien chestburster final blood texture test


this one is just a test after many failed attempts to draw blood
onto this little guy. happy with
it for now, moving on to add more
shed skin parts and giblets.
sigh…all this hard work for just a

© by knightgregory 2014

short movie 0.1 Terminator Apocalypse teaser


this is my first short movie titled:
“short movie 0.1 Terminator Apocalypse teaser”

you can check out the way more fun pre-vis animatic here:

this short was meant to be a tech demo for me personally.
the main goal was to experience first hand how movies are being made and to get a taste of EVERY aspect of filmmaking.

although i’m the first one to admit that there is a lot of room for improvements, i’m still releasing it on the internets ‘as is’ for archival reasons, as i can no longer work on it any more.

tech info:
shot on a d90, T-800 modelled years ago, 1,2 mil quads, internal renderer with raytracing except one shot with cycles. animated without a lowpoly proxy (i know, crazy).
fx: some models and some real element comps, like dust and lightning.

shout out goes to the vehicle modellers group on blendswap. without their generous free models this short would have taken much longer to finish.

thanks for looking, crits allways welcome.

© by knightgregory 2014


there is a new free web based 3d sculpting app called sculptgl.
i have played with it and sent in some of my wishes and results to the developer. he put one of my sculpts into the official sculptgl gallery. yay!

you can play with sculptgl here:
or just check out what’s it about:


later i did a speedsculpt with it and put it up on youtube:

© by knightgregory 2013